Thailand – Koh Phi Phi

Koh Phi Phi

Koh Phi Phi is beautiful but tiny! You could probably walk around the island in an hour! However, the views are breathtaking! It’s definitely worth the time to walk around Phi Phi and enjoy some street food!

Day Trips

  •  One trip not to miss for a beautiful sunset and a cracking photo is the view-point of the island where you can see the whole island! Wear comfy shoes though, as it involves A LOT of steps to get up there!


  • There is so many trips to choose from to head to Maya Beach. Maya Beach is where ‘The Beach’ was filmed so expect to see leo’s face all over phi phi! We chose the ‘Pirate Party Cruise’ ( FYI – no pirates involved ). During the trip you get to snorkel in the open sea, a long tail boat to a blue lagoon, swimming in the blue lagoon, swim to maya beach to explore and take lots of photos! Then some dinner with a sunset while sailing back to shore! The day is filled with the choice of drinking alcohol but is in no way like the cringey, booze cruises you might see in maga!


  • Phi Phi is the perfect place to learn to scuba dive! Although unfortunately I can’t Scuba ( a very annoying sinus problem – lol.) L Went off and did it on her own and LOVED it! If I could, I would, so do it for me!
  • If your wanting a night off the buckets then there is plenty places you can go relax! My personal favorite was an open air bar up on a roof which showed ‘The Beach’ (of course) on a large screen!



 Phi Phi is another place where it’s very easy to find the party! Just head to the Beach! Every night there is some form of beach party going on! If you grab the right people you can have a hilarious time!

Phi Phi also have a number of different bars including a Thai kick boxing bar which is great to pre-drink , meet people and see some of the boxing culture. A Personal fave of mine is when all the fighters go in to the ring together – blind folded!



 We were told before Phi Phi by a fellow backpacker that its worth it to cancel all accommodation bookings and ‘wing it’ which would save you a small fortune. Now accommodation and trips are a lot cheaper when you get there (usually!) With the exception of Phi Phi, The island is TINY and filled with fellow backpackers. It took us a couple of hours to find a room which had no plugs, no covers and our room mates were cockroaches. Luckily we found a backpackers with spaces 2 days later but LESSON LEARNT – BOOK ACCOMMODATION BEFORE ARRIVING IN PHI PHI.


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