Thailand – 2 Day Jungle Trek, Chiang Mai

Jungle Trek

After a flight to Chiang Mai, We began our 2 day Jungle trek which was one of my best things we did while in Thailand. If there is one thing you do in Thailand, it’s a jungle trek.

We started our trek with a long – a very long – drive up in to the mountains where we got to know our fellow trekkers. A loud bunch of Aussies and 2 other English girls.We had a sandwich stop at a giant golden Buddha and a magical sight point of the jungle beneath us. A couple more hours in the van and we were there! Right in the middle of the jungle to begin our trek properly!


We spent the day walking through the jungle, finding out the secrets of the forest and survival tricks on the way.ย Our guide, tom, was crazy. There is no other way to put it. He was hilariously crazy. He could have easily survived in the jungle with just the clothes on his back. He probably didnโ€™t even need them.


When arrived to the final place of the night which was a bamboo hut that we all shared. We ate dinner and chatted under the stars before heading to bed hoping none of us snored in the night!


In the morning, we brushed our teeth in the wilderness and ate some rice before splitting in to groups. We were heading to do some bamboo rafting when the boys were heading for waterfall jumping (extremely jealous in hindsight!)



Before our bamboo rafting we got to trek to some lovely waterfalls which was so refreshing after feeling a little grubby!


We then got some lunch and headed to our bamboo rafting which was so relaxing not quite the scary adventure i had imagined…


It was really an amazing trip and I definitely recommend to everyone to do it but remember as I’ve said about Thailand – shop around, find the best deals for any trips! ๐Ÿ™‚




watch where you put your feet! red ant bites are NEVER fun! and definitely do not forget your camera…

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