Riviera Maya, Mexico

Riviera Maya, Mexico

I remember getting told that we were going to Mexico after a hectic shift, I was literally bouncing off the walls! Riveria Maya, Mexico did not disappoint. Not only did I come back with a tan, a tummy full of delicious food and loads of fantastic memories…  I came back ENGAGED!


We stayed at the beautiful Luxury Grand Bahia Principe Akumal which I could not recommend highly enough, I genuinely felt like royalty while there! Bahia Principe has four resorts within Rivera Maya – Akumal, Coba, Sian Ka’an and Tulum. These resorts are within walking distance from each other or if you prefer to keep cool, They have golf buggy trains that can take you between the hotels. That means a choice of countless pools, beaches, bars, restaurants and entertainment. On arrival our butler even introduced himself to us! A butler!!!! Obviously were not the butler sort but he was lovely for a natter and kept our mini bar stocked! The hotel had never end of delicious food and drinks – I became a bit of a strawberry daiquiri-olic.


Grand Bahia even helped AB and his family celebrate my birthday!


Day Trips

Apart from relaxing and being with those I love, we went on a few day trips although there are many to pick from –

  • Chichen itza

One of the seven wonders of the world, the mayan ruins in Tinum Municipality, Yucatan State is an absolute must. A few hours drive from the hotel but more than worth it. You can jump back in time and hear the stories of its eery history. We were picked us up super early so we were one of the first groups on site meaning we managed to get some pictures without hundreds of people accidentally photo-bombing. On this trip we also got the chance to swim in a huge cenote which is on the site of a tequila making site. After tasting many different flavors of tequila we headed to a little Mexican village which was beyond beautiful. The guides were like usual, amazing filled to the brim with knowledge.

Trip Provider : Thomson

  • Swimming with the Turtles

This was the trip that I absolutely had to do and if you love seeing animals in their natural habitat then this is the one for you. We started the trip by heading in to the jungle to swim in a large lighted cenote and a walk through some caves. We then headed to Tulum beach and snorkel with the amazing, large turtles. The rain didn’t even spoil our mood but we did have to get out the water when the lightning started! We got to see a range of other wildlife as well!

Trip Provider : Thomson

  • Xel-ha

Xel-ha is one of two, all natural parks! With a range of magical wildlife who are well looked after you feel as if you are in the middle of the jungle. Filled with lazy rivers, natural pools and cliff jumping there is something for everything. The day includes your food, drink and equipment for any activities you do throughout the day!


Trip Provider : Thomson

  • Speedboats in Cancun

This trip took us to Cancun, Mexico where we were taken out on speedboats. It was brilliant although absolutely terrified! You get your own speedboat (mine driven by my fiancé) and they take you out to the sea where you can jump off and snorkel in the reef. There was so many interesting looking fish and it was pretty spectacular.


Trip Provider : Thomson

The Engagement

So for all those interested in how AB popped the question…

The day before I had meant to be going to Coco Bongos with my finances little sister, however, I got a little sick and had to spend the day in bed! Anyway the next day I absolutely refused to waste another day in bed so i scraped my hair back and put on an (un-matching) bikini and went by the pool. A while later, A came by and asked if i wanted to go for a walk along the beach. I was thinking NOT REALLY as I felt minging and still a bit ill! But A, doesn’t ask for much so reluctantly got up and went for a walk. He asked if I could see that in the sea. At this point, like a small child, I got pretty excited as i thought it was a turtle or some sort. He then asked me to turn around and started his speech which as I’m the worst person rudely interrupted and said ‘ARE YOU BEING SERIOUS?!!’ yes I’m that person. Of course, I said yes(!!) but it took me at least an hour to stop shaking and start speaking properly. We were on holiday with A’s family so we got to celebrate with some champagne with them and phoned my family straight away! We enjoyed the rest of our holiday before telling our friends back home. Everyone laughs at how me and how i ruined our engagement story .. a beautiful beach in mexico with local fisherman all clapping their hands and I don’t believe the poor dude. Well that’s what he gets for telling me over and over it’s not happening But if he can love me looking like i did that day then i’m the luckiest lady in the world. I’m looking forward to many more tragically hilarious stories with him.


Holiday with : Thomson

Mexico I’ll be back!

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