Jupiter Artland

Jupiter Artland

To go to Jupiter Artland is really like walking around wonderland. It is weird and wonderful and you only have a week left to check it out! 

Jupiter Artland is based on the grounds of 19th century country house, Bonnington House in Wilkieston, West Lothian. Bonnington House is breathtaking alone, its big bright orange walls and grand appearance makes you feel like you’ve stepped back in time.


Every visitor receives a map to help them find there way around to ensure you witness and experience every piece of art. The artwork is meant to be a journey itself, of discovery every piece marking events, landmarks and confrontations. They have continually added to it since its opening in May.


I’m not going to lie, I’m not an arty gal. I like to look at it but may not always get ‘the bigger picture’. Give me a ball of wool and I can make you a top, ask me to explain Van Goghs ‘Sunflowers’ and I’m stumped. However, Jupiter Artland doesn’t have to be for the art students of the city as it has something for everything.


For me? I like that its wacky. I felt that i had fell down the rabbit hole in to another world and like Alice trying to make sense of it all. We went to the at dusk event which although was pretty cool after a certain point you couldn’t really see!


To go to Jupiter Artland, at the very least you come out with amazing photos and at the most you are left completely inspired. Its only got a week left with its closing date being the 25th September so if you’re in Edinburgh, I definitely recommend a visit!


Find out more on their website – https://www.jupiterartland.org

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