Coffee Bay, South Africa

SA Road trip part 2

Coffee Bay

Coffee Bay is a little surfers paradise located on the wild coast of the Eastern Cape. Everyone is so chilled there that even the cows paddle in the sea. We learnt to surf, danced and ate with the locals, hiked to the hole in the wall and watched the sunset over the sea.

We stayed at the wonderful Coffee Shack backpackers and lodge which I definitely recommend to every type of traveler. We stayed in the dorms, However, you could also stay in cute huts that looked on to the beach which I think would have been really romantic if you were traveling with your partner!


Although the backpackers was situated on the beach, they had a jungle like garden with hammocks and chill out areas. The night we arrived staff had organised a party where they got some local kids to come and dance giving it the perfect African vibe.

We did a couple of activities while here including learning to surf. I never particularly thought my balance was bad but oh gosh! I was TERRIBLE!! I managed to stay on a couple of times but most the time fell off with the board whacking my head. I was so terrible that it was just hilarious. L was pretty amazing though (jealous!)

419500_10150612057453284_1013661979_nThat night we went to a local villagers house where we got to meet a local ‘doctor’, eat and drink their traditional food and have a boogie. It was really special to be accepted and welcomed in to their home and learn a little more about their culture.


We also went on a hike to the Hole in the wall which was on valentines day!! It was a pretty long walk with the sun beaming down but getting to the hole in the wall and swimming in the sea made it all worth it. We made some friends that day which made it even better, especially when a crazy french man decided to eat some wild plant which ended up being poisonous so he had to make himself bring it back up! DOH! Never eat something you don’t know!

422082_10150612113033284_1556590354_nAs we made friends with this great group we decided to have a braii ( South African BBQ ) and party with them and then headed to the backpackers valentines party. Me and L still talk about that Valentines Day as it was so much fun!! I think it’s important to go with the flow when travelling and if you meet a good group of people then hang out! As they might be gone the next day.


On our last night we went to one of the backpackers famous sundowners. With a great group of people, a cider in my hand and watching the sun set over the sea I couldn’t have asked for a better ending to a wonderful place!


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