SA Road Trip Part 3


Although Lesotho is completely surrounded by South Africa it is an independent country. With stunning views and nature surrounding you, it’s the perfect trip for a small hike with photographs to last a lifetime. We didn’t stay the night in Lesotho (although I would have loved to) We went on a day tip there departing from the Ampitheatre Backpackers in Northern Drakensberg. However, I love Lesotho so much that I’ve done the trip twice…

After crossing the countries small border control you take a pretty rocky drive to your first stop for the day. The first destination is a small school that has been helped built by the backpackers and by participating in the trip helps donate fees to running it. We were really fortunate that the trip was within school hours and we got to meet the children, see how they learn and have fun with us and their teachers on their school break. It really was a wonderful experience and like the rest of the community, the children were warm and caring and loved showing you what they could do.



After this, our guide then took us to see some ancient cave drawings and tell us about the history of the country. The cave drawings were amazing to see although it was a little disappointing to hear the locals would sometimes try to damage the paintings. However, They were still there fighting strong.


We took an easy(ish) hike to a beautiful view point although the whole country is wonderfully beautiful with mountains and rivers surrounding you. As the countries population is only 2 million, it is really beautifully untouched and you get to see nature at it’s finest.


Towards the end of the day we were lucky to meet more of the community (including the local ‘witch’ doctor ). The people of Lesotho were so beautifully kind and tried their absolute hardest to make sure we had a good time.


We got the opportunity to try their local dish (Maize) and try some of their homemade alcoholic brew.


If I could recommend one trip, it would be this – The community really took us all in with open arms and for people that have so little, care so much. Every person will stop and say hello and tell you about their work and family. I know in some places this may feel uncomfortable depending on the situation but with these lovely people, it was purely to let you know about their country and culture.


I am pleased to say that the backpackers pays the people who supply us with their homes and treats which can’t always be said for all day trips.


It was a beautiful day in a beautiful place with beautiful people. I love Lesotho.


Top Tip

Wear good shoes!! Although the hike isn’t a particularly hard one my shoes decided to give up in the middle of it. I had to complete the hike with one yellow sock and one walking boot despite efforts from the group trying to tie it on to my foot. If you look closely in all the photos you will have a giggle at my bright yellow sock(courtesy of the airline we flew with).


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