SA Road Trip Part 4


Johannesburg was our first destination in SA(If you didn’t know I haven’t done these blog posts in order). After a boozy month In Asia and L being in a bit of an accident, we needed a couple of days to get back on top and surprisingly beautiful J’burg was the perfect place to do it.

When we arrived to Johannesburg, after a month in Thailand and Laos, we were a little beat. We had to head to the hospital so L could get her wound rechecked and more injections so that took up some of our time. Although I’m pretty pleased to say the hospital was no different from a hospital here.

On on our first ‘proper’ day in South Africa, We went on a tour around Johannesburg. We stopped off at Soweto Township or Urban Settlement, which is one of the largest in Africa with over a million people living within it.


As a rule of thumb as a traveller in Africa, I would never enter a township on my own. Only with a tour guide from a company or with someone that I knew and trusted with a group of people (when I volunteered). This is not to scare people as the majority of people are so lovely and would offer you the little they had. It is just to ensure that you are aware of your surroundings and look after your own safety.


 In Soweto, We got to visit the nursery and school children and meet the people who worked there! As usual, they were so kind and had a good laugh with us especially with poor L and her leg!


We then went to go see the world cup football stadium which I admit is something pretty special! I was pretty lucky to be in the country when the world cup was on and the atmosphere was pretty electric!


We stopped off at a number of different heart wrenching museums and Nelson Mandela’s home that will make you understand South Africa’s history like no other. Apartheid is still so relevant and raw within South Africa and I feel that as a traveller you need to have a basic knowledge on to understand the country. The Apartheid museums would give you that knowledge so you can understand SA and it’s beautiful people.

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We finished our day trip with a stop at the tallest building in Johannesburg which no picture could give justice of the spectacular views!


In Johannesburg, We gave ourselves the time to bounce back from partying (sorry mum!) and you’re really spoilt from choice when it comes to backpackers in South Africa as they are all like unique, little hotels. We went on a few walks around the backpackers including to a china town market and dare I say, one stormy night we even played…BOGGLE!


However, It didn’t take long for me to sniff out the Hunters (my favourite South African ciders) which you cant get in Scotland! Boo!


Johannesburg is a beautiful city, it really is, and I think can be poorly misjudged from time to time. Yes, you must be careful and have your wits about you like you would in any country. Take advice from fellow travellers and staff within the backpackers – they will be able to tell you what you can and can’t do.  Now do me a favour and have a hunters for me!


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Johannesburg was the first place I went to on my own when I did a volunteer gap year. Little middle blondie is 17 year old me having my first legal drink at the stroke of midnight.

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