Cape town, South Africa

Living in Cape Town

I could write a book on why I love Cape Town. It’s my soul city and If I believed in reincarnation, I would say my past self was from there. I spent 14 months here and I’ve  got a lot to say, so here I go, trying to cram it all in one blog post.

I’ve added links to every titles to take you to the website of each place for some more information.


Table Mountain

If you go to Cape Town, it’s the ultimate must to get to the top of Table Mountain. You climb or cable cart, I’ve done both and didn’t have a preference. Although learn from my mistake and don’t climb it hungover. ‘Guys, I’m going to be sick on one of the wonders of the world. one of the wonders.’ ( I wasn’t by the way)


Lion’s Head/Signal Hill

Lions head and signal hill are right beside Table Mountain. Climbing Lions Head was one of my favourite things to do while in Cape Town as the views of Table Mountain are just out of this world, plus its quite a fun climb!


Botanic Gardens

There are so many lovely gardens to have sit and have a chill in. Kirstenbosch being the famous botanic garden. Some of the gardens will host mini day festivals during the summer which is definitely worth checking out.

Hout Bay

Hout bay is a fishermans harbour in Cape Town. Howevere, there is SO much more there to explore! You could probably spent at least 2 days there. (Click on titles)

There’s the boat trip to a seal island.


The World of Birds wildlife sanctuary and monkey park.


Tours of a Township.


Orginal T Bag Designs Tour


Cape Point

Cape point is the most southern point of South Africa where the two oceans meet. Beautiful views, walkways and lots of wildlife to marvel at.



Who doesn’t love lots of little fishes and interesting creatures.


Long street

Long street is definitely where it’s happening. From clubs, restaurants, shops, hostels and even turkish baths, it has everything!! We went to the NYE street party which was a lot of fun too!



Bo’Kaap is big, bright and beautiful community. If you like to stand in front of pretty, colourful houses then your in for a treat.


Chapman’s Peak

 This beautiful, scenic drive is a must, just for the sunset.



Slave Lodge

The slave lodge in the centre of Cape Town, is heartbreaking yet captivating. The now museum is where the slaves used to be kept many moons ago and every time you go, you learn something new. Although it’s tragic, I definitely recommend to everyone to go, to open your eyes to past (and present) tragedies.


District Six Museum

Apartheid is something that although ended more than 20 years ago, is something extremely current in South Africa. The District Six museum teaches us of the peoples struggle yet how they still managed to live and love.


Cape Town Gallery

Cape Town is full of art wherever you look, However, The gallery has some spectacular sights and explores the diverse history of South Africa from a different perspective.


Beach Life

Boulders Beach

The best beach in the world, let alone, South Africa! Say hellooo to all the penguins


Muizenberg Beach

cute little colourful huts and the sea isn’t too cold!


Clifton Beaches

Without a doubt the clifton beaches are the ultimate chill out – i loved going there – each one has a different sort of ‘theme’ including a nudey beach.


Camps Bay

Camps bay is also extremely chilled with lots of cool bars and restaurants near by!

Bloubergstrand Beach

Blouberg has an awesome view of Table mountain so photos are pretty spectacular!

Foodie Lovers

okay, so, wherever you go in Cape Town you will find awesome food – however, here is some of my fave!

Mama Africa

Located on Long street, hit up Mama Africa on a Saturday music for some interesting African food with some live music to give you that ultimate african vibe!

Clay Oven

Without a doubt, Clay oven is my fave. Top notch woodfired pizza and awesome milkshakes! Take me back! ( Long Street )


Get your face painted, dip your feet in the sea WHILE eating, listen to some african tunes. Moyo is the ultimate beach restaurant with a view to die for. Located at  Blouberg.

Fish on the Rocks

Award winning chippy right at the harbour. and it deserves that award.

  1. Charlies’ Bakery 

oh sweet tooth lord, YUM. enough said.

39625_418073448283_5465901_n (1).jpg


Once again, there is wacky and cool bars all over Cape Town,I mean it’s Cape town!

Stones Durbaville

I lived in Durbanville and Stones was my local and when I say Local – I mean 3 -4 times a week! You’ll always have a laugh and a party at stones that is for sure.

Blue Peter Hotel

Grab a beer and watch the sunset over table mountain view beach at Blouberg! Sunday Bliss!

Groot Constantia

If you’re a wine lover, you’re in luck – there are lots of wine yards to choose from all over, However, Constantia has beautiful grounds and even a huge, giant, ancient bath. Even the fact, that I hate wine didn’t stop me enjoying myself.



Various bars over Cape Town with Mexican food, Delightful drinks and a place to boogie!

Mzoli’s Place

Mzolis is a bar and braii in a Township and it is nothing to be sniffed at. It was by far one of my best days out. Everyone is singing and dancing, drinking hunters and eating tidy food.



Long street

Long street has quirky, trendy and African shops. They also have a kick ass market.


Canal Walk

Canal walk is pretty beautiful as it has a little water fountain, that I just loved! Tons of shops and swanky restaurants to match.

V&A Waterfront

With a mall, markets, unique african shops where the price ranges from small to large, V&A has it has all!It’s a nice wee walk, too!


There are so many festivals near by Cape Town that are so much fun!! and SO cheap!! The most I’ve spent on a weekend festival is 25 pound!

Cape Town has so much to offer and I’ve literally just given you a snippet, a long blog post, I must admit but a snippet. Please do not fear to ask for any advice as I have so much to say. You don’t need to stay in fancy hotels – the hostels are beyond amazing too.I’ve always been a volunteer e.g. Pretty skint and I’ve still been able to have the time of my life. I also really recommend the hop on hop off bus tour for anyone with a tight time schedule!

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