Ouzoud Falls, Morocco

Although, I have seen many waterfalls over parts of the world – Ouzoud Falls was my first big one, which was pretty exciting. Located near the dusty village of Tanaghmeilt, I would have never guessed that there was a huge waterfall just hiding from view. I almost thought he had taken us to the wrong place…


We started our day by being picked up by our driver – Ahmed. He was a lovely guy who drove us the three hours to the waterfall, telling us we could stop when wanted for refreshments. Little did I know that I actually had booked a private tour so in-between taking in the breathtaking sights we snoozed and put our feet up. Bliss.

Refreshment stop on the long drive


After dropping us off to meet our ‘waterfall guide’ – Ibrahim – The first thing I noticed was his english accent! He had studied In Bath, England – could speak multiple languages and had also done engineering before deciding that the guide life was for him. I felt really lucky to get such a knowledgable guide!



A lot of people on trip advisor tell you to avoid taking the waterfall guides and to be honest, I don’t really know why. It was pretty brilliant getting to know local facts and that what looked like a bit of bark was edible. If we hadn’t gotten a guide we would have never known that the large building which was overlooking the falls, was a palace getting built for the king’s brother and that the holes in the side of the mountains were ancient caves.

Caves in the mountain


Obviously it’s everyone’s choice whether to get a guide or not but I quite enjoy getting the facts of the area that I am in!

First of all, we were taken to a Berber house which was the oldest in the Village dating back centuries and always belonging to the one family. He told us Berber traditions such as the males will stay with the family throughout their life.

The original door of the house – check out the key!


The house had multiple floors with a large opening in the middle. In the winter, we were told, that the animals came in the house and lived on the bottom floor to help keep in the warmth and everyone else moves up a floor.

inside the Berber house


We were then shown how they would make their oils, spices and everything nice!


We then met the rest of our group and began our journey to the falls. After a magical view from the top of the falls looking out on the mountains, we began our trek down to the bottom. It wasn’t particularly tough although walking shoes are definitely advised.

Beautiful views!


We stopped off at multiple stops for different angles of photos and learning different facts about the locals and their area.











When we reached the magical view of falls, we got the chance to pay a little extra and get a boat/fancy raft to the bottom of the waterfall. I lept at this chance and (in a way) was lucky that the rest of the group opted out and we got the whole thing to ourself! 100% worth it, even if we did have to pay a little extra.


Rowing isn’t the easiest with a fractured wrist!


We did have one little guest on our boat who we kept nice and dry. I absolutely adored him as I have my own cat at home and was reassured that he was our ‘captains’ cat or I probably would have stolen him.


After starting to make our way back to the top, we bumped in to some local wild monkeys who literally leapt at the chance to have some nuts! They were 100% wild and had complete control of the situation if anyone is worried about the animals safety. I would be the first to pipe up, if I thought they were to come to any harm.



can you spot the monkeys?


To finish our day we received our glorious traditional meal in one of the restaurants at the top and made our way back to Marrakech.



  • My personal advice would be to get your own waterfall guide. The group we were with weren’t the most exciting bunch and kept hurrying us along which can be a bit annoying when you’re trying to enjoy the experience!
  • If you want to enjoy swimming in the falls than book in the summer months. By November, it was far too cold and mucky for a quick dip!
  • Wear good walking shoes! It can be a bit slippy and steep at parts walking down.

Trip by : https://www.viator.com/tours/Marrakech/Ouzoud-Falls-Day-Trip-from-Marrakech/d5408-6109OUZOUDFALLS/important-info



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