Despite hating scary films and being scared, I love anything with history especially if i think its haunted. It’s embarrassing how many times I’ve done the vaults tour in Edinburgh. I’m fascinated by the afterlife and who wandered before us?  After researching Scottish historical sites, I was brought to the attention of Jedburgh.

Jedburgh is a little town situated in the Scottish Borders  (roughly about an hour and a half from Edinburgh). The town is filled with history and treasures to be found. We recently went on a drive there and were pleasantly surprised by the beauty of the place. Surrounded by the countryside landscape yet with big, beautiful, historical buildings that if the walls could talk, they could definitely tell a tale or two.


We mainly went to wander around Jedburgh Abbey. It has rained all morning, to the point that we nearly cancelled but I’m glad we stayed strong as the wet floors just made it all that more beautiful. Plus the sun came out just as we were leaving for some fantastic photos.


The abbey has a long history, layers actually, layers of history which can be visibly seen. You can see where the abbey has been built on to, to make it grander and larger to fit the monks that stayed there.


The abbey has hundreds of years of history in between the bricks and creaking beneath the floor and to be perfectly honest, I’m not the one to tell the tale. I have no shame in saying I’m not wise enough and when my dad tried to explain it all, I was left suitably baffled.


What I do know is that they abbey is strong just like those who would have lived there and defended it. Many have tried to destroy the abbey that is visible to this day yet you can see they tried and tried to rebuild it over and over again.


However, in 1560 the protestant reformation was underway and although the monks were allowed to stay there, the abbey was to be used as a parish kirk for the reformed religion. Despite constant work trying to reinstate the building to fit health and safety, eventually, in 1917 the keys were handed over to historic Scotland for them to tell us it’s tale.


You can get audio information while wandering at the abbey.


We also went to Jedburgh’s castle and jail that day and let’s just say I had been watching a bit too much most haunted and found it quite scary! Despite it being daylight outside and
that I was with my parents…


Life was definitely a little different in 1820 and some of the crimes that put you in jail were quite frightening to me and ages didn’t seem to matter. I thought of the poor residents of the jail on their bread diet and imagined what it would have been like to be them, wondering what their fate would be for stealing a potato.


Either way, it was really interesting to see how the justice system has changed and the outside of the prison is strangely beautiful. You can also get an audio to give you information and there’s also the opportunity to dress up as a monk!


We unfortunately, didn’t have much time in Jedburgh due to the late start but there was so much I still wanted to see that I never got round to such as Mary Queen of Scots house and Monteviot gardens.

Although, Jedburgh may be small, but in my books it’s definitely not something to be missed.

Funny tale to tell

Okay, so as I said earlier, I really had been watching a bit too much Most Haunted – a bit of a guilty pleasure. Anyway, I wandered around the grounds of the abbey mainly by myself and came to the tomb like area. I thought this would be a pretty cool photo and leaned down to take it. The next thing I saw was a bright flash and I literally ran for my life taking a photo as I went. I hadn’t turned off my flash. That was all.

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