Glen Lyon, Scotland


If you don’t know me very well, you might not know that I’m a little obsessed by magic. Not the kind of magic that the magician pulls out the rabbit from the hat or cuts his poor assistant in half. Magic as in fairies. I’ve always believed in fairies and when you visit places like Glen Lyon in Scotland, it’s pretty easy to see why…

I’ve luckily been brought up to believe in the magic of the world and when you’ve been brought up like this you can see something beautiful in something very small. On a recent weekend away with friends, we took a trip to Glen Lyon in Scotland. Here it was pretty obvious that there was magic and adventure in every corner.



With Hills, Lochs, Rivers, Waterfalls, Highland coos and hidden treasures – I think it would be hard for someone not to fall in love with Glen Lyon. When we were there we were hit with every weather in the book – Glorious sunshine to heavy downpours and although we may have been a little wet – it left us with some beautiful pictures and happy memories.

Edit by Ryan Kay Photography

While we walked through the woodland while we hunted for the waterfall, we came across funny creatures who didn’t seem too pleased to see us…




We trailed along long roads with magical puddles and views to make you realise how wonderful the world really is.


Following the River with mountains as its backdrop, You could see why keen walkers and adventurists would come here for hikes and camping.




Finally we made it to the waterfall which we had been searching for and it was everything we had hoped for. With nature surrounding us and us being the only people around, it was simply peace at its best. With places like this, it makes it hard to believe in a little magic in Scotland.




To get to the waterfall, we had to walk in to a gated area where we could see some highland coo’s in the distance. On the way back, the coo’s had made their way up and blocked our path to the gate. Now I’m sure they are pretty harmless beasts but they had little calf’s and I’m not kidding when I say the herd was about 20/30. It was terrifying. Eventually we made a run for it and managed to swiftly get past them.



Now, you might not like magic or even a little adventure especially when it risks get chased by a herd of coo’s but Glen Lyon has so much more to offer. With a cute little cafe, to keep you warm – grab a hot choccie and take in the views.


And if you find yourself wanting to stay a little longer – there’s always somewhere to call home!


For more information about finding magic at > Glen Lyon <


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One thought on “Glen Lyon, Scotland

  1. Absolutely LOVED this Rhanna! Written so well and you see the world in such a lovely way. It made me feel all magical! I need to take a trip here soon, dying to see highland cows (although maybe not that many). Xx


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