Paris, France

I recently flew out to Paris in France for a post christmas treat after working so hard during the holidays. We arrived to a gorgeous sunset but after that the weather remained pretty gloomy! Paris had been on my destination list since I watched Mary-Kate and Ashley’s ‘Passport to Paris’ and now I had finally arrived I started thinking ‘was Paris really all that?!’

My answer is YES. Of course Paris is worth the hype. Did you really think I was going to say no?! Despite the fog and rainy weather, we still had a ball. I’m a firm believer in not letting bad weather spoil a trip and although I may for a second get the ‘this sucks!’ feeling – I try to push it on its way and enjoy adventuring as much as I can.


We only had 48 hours to see as much as the city as we could and I decided to do everything I had planned even if the fog meant I may not see the views that I had expected. However, it turned out that it wasn’t the fog from keeping me doing the things that I had planned…

it was the ques!


On arrival we walked straight to the Eiffel Tower to grab some food and watch it sparkle. For me, personally, it was as magical as everyone makes it out to be. I was in awe of the metal statue and wished that the sparkle would last a little longer!


On the second day, we decided to get up early and go straight to the catacombs to hopefully avoid the que! When we arrived, I originally thought we were in luck and then we spotted the que go around the corner and off in to the distance. I instantly thought nope, not today. So, unfortunately we missed the catacombs due to not giving up precious time waiting in a que.


After that, we walked to see the Notre Dame. I was pleasantly surprised that it was free to get inside and then shocked that I found it pretty eerie! It was so large and quiet despite the crowds of people inside. The architecture and decoration was spectacular though and you really could not fault it. I definitely think it’s something to be witnessed at least once in life.


We then made our way to pay to go up to the top of the Notre Dame to see the view and gargoyles! (Let’s just say I’m a big Disney fan). However, once again the que was huge and although, I was desperate to see it, I just couldn’t justify standing in a que for hours for a 20 minute experience! I did spend lots of time playing around with the dozens of pigeons though!


Next stop was Arc De Triomphe, by this time the weather was really starting to play up but the view still took my breath away! At this point, I realised that even though the weather wasn’t on it’s best behaviour it meant that I was getting to see some different from the normal pictures that I had stalked before arriving.


Before taking our pre-arranged boat trip, we stopped off for some chinese and another chance to see the Eiffel Tower in the day ( and then at night again ) Yeah I kinda liked it… and visit some museums to avoid the weather when it got even too chilly for a Scottish gal.


I think one of the most beautiful things about the Eiffel Tower isn’t the tower itself but what it means to people… While we were there we saw many couples, friends and families enjoying themselves despite standing in the rain and even (luckily) saw a couple getting their wedding photographs! It’s just a pretty special place in my opinion.


To finish our night, we got a boat trip down the river seine! Despite my fingers feeling like they were going to fall off – it was a lovely way to visit the day. Passing attractions of Paris while on the river seine itself – It felt like it couldn’t get any better than that! If only they could get professional huggers or you know a blanket to keep you warm!


On Sunday, we had lots of time before our flight – We decided to spend the time in Montmartre which blew my mind. I loved the vibe that Montmartre seemed to have. I’ve written a blog post previously about my love for Montmartre which you can read HERE.


Our Paris trip came to an end and yep the weather wasn’t brilliant but it was annoyingly the ques that kept me filling out certain adventures however, that comes with visiting well-loved places. So was Paris worth it? Absolutely! In fact, I’ve already booked tickets to go again!

See you in April Paris!

Have you ever arrived to your destination to bad weather and discover that it’s pretty hard to get they picture perfect photos? Let me know in the comments below!

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