Top Tips for Paris, France

Heading to Paris for Valentines day? or going on a trip with your friends? Now I am no where near to being ‘clued up’ about Paris or Parisian Lifestyle. However, after a recent trip, I left with some top tips for a first timer like myself!

1 – Airport Lovin’

We flew in and out of Charles De Gaulle Airport which is well linked to the city! It was SUPER easy to get on the train to our hotel without hassle or having to beg someone to help! The ‘RER B’ Link took us in to the city, although, always check details before taking it yourself to make sure there hasn’t been changes.

2 – Airport Hatin’

Once you go through security expect to starve! We rushed through security so we could chill before our flight while eating a meal! Well no, The only food they had was stale baguettes or super healthy, super over priced quiches. It was the talk of the airport once all the tired traveled realised.


3 – Arc De Woop Woop

We had a Woop moment at Arc De Triomphe when we realised that if you were under 25 with a European passport you could climb up for FREE! yep you heard me right- for FREE!

4 – When the Tower decided to sparkle

So after dusk the Eiffel Tower will sparkle every hour for 5 minutes e.g 7pm for 5 minutes. This lasts until the early hours of the morning before going to sleep for the night!


5- Loving my EU Passport

Sorry to those who don’t have a European passport but we also realised that we could get in to certain museums for free with our passport! I’m pretty sure there must be other tips for your passport which hopefully I’ll find out on my next trip!

6- ‘Bag Please’

Understandably, There is a lot of authoritative figures at every tourist attraction who will search your bag before entering. Be Kind – They’re doing their job and keeping everyone safe even if they do have a face like thunder!


7 – Cheeky Chappies

Unfortunately, Pick pocketing is quite the thing in Paris so much so, that they announce to be aware at certain train/metro stations. I’m usually pretty wary of my bag but it’s easy to get flustered when you’re in a foreign country so it’s something to be mindful of.

People will also skip paying for metro and train services by going directly behind you through the ticket machines. I mean, it’s pretty cheeky but each to their own.

8 – Smoking after dark

So I don’t smoke myself but I was travelling with a smoker. This isn’t your usual blogger tip especially from a non-smoking nurse but knowing many people who smoke, I know it can be a bit difficult if you unexpectedly can’t find anywhere to buy cigarettes! So, even though it seems like half of the french population smoke you can only buy cigarettes in tobacco shops which aren’t open at night! No popping in to the local shop to buy your cigs in Paris.


9 – Transport around the city

The transport around Paris is really pretty good with Metro’s and Trains connecting the city. I also found it really easy to get my tickets as I simply pointed to the place on my phone that I wanted to go to, to the ticket operator who fortunately, took it in good humor. I was advised not to go on the metro’s after dark though which I never did so cannot advise if it was okay or not!

I’m a keen walker believing you see a bit more while doing it and Paris is pretty easy to walk around with the help of GoogleMaps although, I did go home with blisters!

10- Bonjour! Bonjour!

I had been told many times before going to Paris that the Parisians refuse to speak English. Something that my High School french was not going to help me out with! Now I always said ‘Bonjour’ to be polite and yes at times people would start speaking french. However, when I awkwardly told them I couldn’t speak french only English they would only laugh and tell me that I had them fooled! Now of course, at times you could tell people genuinely could not speak English but with the help of some hand movements – you both would get there in the end! No one was ever rude so maybe just maybe – if you say bonjour in your awkward scottish accent it helps a little! Plus Google Translation helps a lot!


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