Women who give me Wanderlust – International Women’s Day 2017


With International Women’s Day approaching  – I stated thinking how could I celebrate my fellow travel loving gals on my blog?! So I’ve had a think about it and I’m sharing with you some top women who give me some serious wanderlust.

1.Teach me Parisian 


Okay, Julia is my best friend – hey jeebz! – but guess how we met?! While volunteering in South Africa. Since we live in separate countries – every time we see each other it’s an adventure. Julia is currently in our soul city – Cape Town and about to move to Paris (yay!) to start her blog ‘ Teach me Parisian’.

 2.  Sam_Wanderlust



I love Samita’s Photographs so much that I couldn’t simply pick one! Seriously check this gal out to have your mind blow!

3.  Tracy_Komlos


Tracy and her friends trip to Iceland got me wanting to aventure to Iceland so badly that I actually booked a flight (yay!) Photograph by Basti Hansen

4.  I_packed_and_left


Megs photos of East Lothian – near to where I live – got me realising that I live in a blooming lovely country and ever since I’ve been exploring around East Lothian. Photograph by Jenju

5.   _Chloevsworld


Not only does Chloe give me wanderlust, She is so gad damn nice! Whenever I need advice with my blog, I go to her and know I’m going to get it!

6.  Travelistabonita


Tina says she is on a quest to find the beauty in the world and you can really feel it through her pictures! especially when it involves cute animals!

7. Wanderluluu


I recently found Lauren on  instagram and found her smile contagious! Sometimes it’s not where a person is but how they are clearly feeling and with a smile like that – I’m gonna say she’s happy!

8. Jenju


I adore Jenna’s fun loving personality that shows in her photographs! She’s Jumping, skipping and laughing in every single picture, I swear!

9.  aliciaroundtheworld


When I saw this photo, my jaw dropped! It’s simply beautiful! If I could zap myself there right now, I would!! If that’s not wanderlust, I don’t know what is?!

10. Heels.in.my.backpack


Not only has Kara got me super excited for Barcelona with her wonderful snaps – she is also turning out to be one kick ass #girlboss… Shes brought out some new wonderful journals for those with some serious wanderlust and adventures to scribble down! They are more than awesome! check her out!

There is obviously more to International Women’s Day than wanderlust and if you look deeper in to every photograph here you’ll see it. It’s strong, feisty, fun, loving females going after their dreams and loving it! Hell yeah sistas!

Happy International Women’s Day 2017

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