Finding Fairy tales in East Lothian

With a plan to find the beauty in Edinburgh and its surroundings, I was pleasantly surprised when East Lothian was not only pretty but magical too. I realised rather quickly with my wild imagination that I was finding parts to a crazy fairy tale.

The Bridge that leads to nowhere, Dunbar


In the middle of the beach in Dunbar you’ll find a bridge that leads to nowhere – whats it for? who uses it? who knows! Perhaps a hungry troll thinking he may find a goat or two by the seaside…

Shipwreck at Long Niddrie bents


This delight can only be found when the tide is out – a shipwreck standing alone in the middle of the beach. But how did it get there? perhaps some naughty pirates crossed a mermaid one too many times…

Witch tales in Spott


Now brace yourselves, as this is a little less fairy tale and Β a little more tragic. Here in Spott, lies the place where the last ‘witch’ was executed in Scotland.

The Fairy Trail, Archerfield Walled Garden


What’s finding fairy tales without finding real life fairies?! In Archerfield Walled Garden is where they all hide and if you’re lucky you may find a house or two…

Castle after Castle


No fairy tale is complete without its castle and East Lothian definitely isn’t short of them. On our travels we found not only ones we could visit for a price but ones that were left abandoned just waiting for someone to feel its tales.

Barns Ness Lighthouse, Dunbar


Growing up by the seaside my imagination was filled with tales of the selkie people. This lonely lighthouse sets the scene for the fisherman searching for his selkie wife lost at sea…

DISCLAIMER : No unicorns, mermaids, selkies, trolls, witches, fairies or any other magical creatures were harmed or disturbed during the making of this blog post.

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