ICELAND – 3 Day Itinerary

For part of my short and sweet Iceland series, I’m starting by giving you guys a gift. It took me the best part of a sunday afternoon to make our itinerary to ensure that we saw all what Iceland had to offer in just 2.5 days. Yep, you heard me 2.5 days. Of course, we never saw it all and trust me when I say, I’ll be back but for now I’m giving you our self drive itinerary for the golden circle and part of the south coast! Ya’ll can thank me later!

Day One

  • Fly from Edinburgh To Keflavik with WOWAir – Arrive at 1400 local time
  • One hour to collect bag and sort out rental car
  • 18 Minute Drive to the Blue Lagoon and CHILL
  • Leave Blue Lagoon roughly around 1930 to drive 38 minutes to Reykjavik
  • Grab ‘Car food’ and have dinner – we ate at Sæta Svínið Gastropub and I highly recommend!
  • We stayed at Brim Hotel which was a 10 minute drive from centre
Blue Lagoon

Day Two 

  • 0700 wake up call to get ready and hit the road
  • Reykjavik – Strokkur Geysir ( 1 hour 22 min Drive)
  • Strokkur Geysir – Gullfoss – waterfall – ( 10 minute Drive )
  • Gullfoss – Þingvellir – national park including waterfall -(59 minute Drive)
  • Þingvellir – Kerið  (39 minute Drive )
  • Kerið – Guesthouse 14, Selfoss ( 15 minute Drive )

Allow time to stop off for your poor driver – we stopped off at a lake which I cant remember the name of for the life of me which included a lot of google searches! ( sorry! ) On Day 2, We never stopped for anything to eat and ate the car food that we had packed the night before! This saved a lot of time!

We went searching for the Northern Lights that night but unfortunately it was too Cloudy!

Oxararfoss at Pingvellir National Park

Day Three

  • 0800 wake up call – leave by 0900
  •  Selfoss – Seljanlandfoss + Gljufragui – waterfalls – ( 54 minute Drive )
  • Seljanlandfoss – Skogafoss – waterfall – (25 minute Drive)
  • Skogafoss – DC3 Plane Crash – (11 minute Drive)

**There is a 4km walk from the carpark to the site of the plane crash**

  • DC3 Plane Crash – Reynisdrangar – Black Sand Beach – (19 Minute Drive)
  • Reynisdrangar – The Secret Lagoon ( 1 hour 50 Minute )
  • The Secret Lagoon – Selfoss for Dinner –  Surf n Turf –  ( 38 Minute Drive )
  • Selfoss – Rose Guesthouse, Keflavik ( 1 Hour 19 Minute Drive )

We arrived at Keflavik for 11pm and grabbed 4-5 hour sleep before leaving for the airport to return the car and grab our flight at 0650 to return to Edinburgh with WOWAir.

DC3 Plane Crash

Top Tips to Save Them Travel Fails

1 – Get used to the money before spending! We accidentally spent 80 pound on a couple of  items of food and 2 pairs of gloves! It was the Gloves that were 25 Pounds … EACH.

2 – Make sure the driver has a credit card – we forgot the credit card and had to hire a car with Geysir ( who saved the day ) although we still lost the majority of the money for the car we had hired previously.

3 – Be Careful of the Weather – weather can change in minutes – although it was pretty windy our car remained okay! However, we did hear stories of windows getting blown in when in open spaces so keep an eye on weather control!

4 – Lastly, we used Googlemaps to help us get around – We hired a dongle with the car to give us wifi

National Geographic map of Iceland

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