ICELAND : Black Sand Beaches

While on our weekend trip to Iceland, we managed to squeeze in some black sand beaches on the south coast and boy was I glad that I did! Out of everything we did, the Black Sand beaches surprised me the most. They were spectacular and I haven’t seen anything like it before!

The first stop was the DC-3 Place Crash on the black sand beach at solheimasandur.


The plane came down around about 40 years ago in 1973. After extensive research, the true reason the plane went down seems to be unknown. There are two stories – the main story being that they ran out of fuel, the second being that the engine froze. The plane crashed on to solheimasandur – a black sand beach on the south coast of Iceland. Fortunately, no-one died during this crash. However, the plane still stands there all these years on.


This spot is the perfect place for people who like to take different photographs as the plane against the black sand is unique and spectacular!

68 - Copy

Although, if you are wanting to take the trip to the DC-3 Plane crash – get prepared to walk! The crash site is approx 4km from where you can park your car ( and then obviously back again! ) The day we did the walk, the rain was POURING. By the time, we got there it looked as if I had just walked out the shower fully clothed (PLUS  I looked pregnant trying to shield my camera – in the case – from the weather conditions! ).

65 - Copy - Copy

Our second stop was Reynisdrangar – The well-known black sand beach which was actually listed in 1991 in the top ten most beautiful non-tropical beaches and I definitely agree!

20170402_160057_001 - Copy - Copy - Copy

Although, the beach can be pretty busy with bus loads of tourists – they don’t tend to stick around for a long so you can run around and explore!! (A Pro of Self driving in Iceland)

20170402_155723 - Copy

There is some small caves to explore and a restaurant to grab some food if you get peckish!


Iceland does issue warnings to tourists visiting the beach as the waves can be huge and out to get you! So don’t get too close Plus you don’t need to get too close for effect – I was no where near the water in the following pictures.

20170402_155922 - Copy20170402_155934

The Black sand beaches are not something to miss and to add extra effect for photographs, I wore a bright jacket to make sure I stand out and If I don’t say so myself, I think it worked!


Have you been to a black sand beach before? What did you think?

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