ICELAND :Blue Lagoon vs Secret Lagoon

Iceland has quite a few lagoons throughout the country! The two I had heard of before traveling there was, of course, the world known Blue Lagoon and ‘the cheaper version’ Secret Lagoon. I have seen many bloggers try to compare the two to help fellow travellers decide which one to go to. I’m here to tell you that you can’t. They are completely different and here I will tell you how.


The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is a spectacular natural geothermal spa where tourists flock to every day. It’s warm, blue water draws hundreds of us every day. The Blue Lagoons special water is made up of Algae, Silica and Minerals. Believe it or not – the water is actually WHITE and the sun gives it the blue colour!


Location – The Blue Lagoon is a 20 minute drive from Keflavik Airport making it super easy to get to! They even offer a shutter bus back and fourth to the Airport meaning you can go just as you arrive or when it’s nearly time to head home!

Facilities –  As a lot of people head to the blue lagoon – a lot of money can go in to it and this is clear. The Blue Lagoon has bars, restaurants, skin care line/shop, hotel, spa services including massage, tours and exclusive lounges. You can even hold events and meeting there. They also have luxurious changing rooms, showers, shampoo, conditioner, body wash and hair dryers.

Attraction – The Blue Lagoon is extremely busy with hundreds flocking in every day. It is very busy because everyone has the same idea as you! However, do not fear – I didn’t find it overwhelming at all and there is plenty space for all.

Wonder – The Blue Lagoon is one of the 25 wonders of the world if you like to tick them off!

Price – Eeek! When I saw the money come out of my account – day light robbery is what came to mind! It is pretty pricey but once I got there,  I definitely thought it was worth it!


Tips for The Blue Lagoon

Hair Damage Control – The Blue Lagoon offers shampoo and conditioner! Slather that stuff on! The water can damage your hair – A LOT. so wear it up and put the conditioner on PRIOR to going in! (This is suggested by the lagoon themselves)

Don’t think about dem coins – So the Blue Lagoon has in water bars – Bliss I know – Before arriving, I had worried about how you pay and do you need to take money in to the water?! Well do not fear, the lagoon has got it covered. You are given a band on arrival which will open your lockers PLUS get your drinks while in the water. You then just pay as you leave! Clever, Blue Lagoon, Clever.

For more information including prices and opening times –



The Secret Lagoon

The secret lagoon is Iceland’s first swimming pool and has been getting used since … 1891! The lagoon is natural hot springs and they have kept it very natural which makes you feel like your sitting in a viking movie ( or something like that!! ). The Secret Lagoon even has it’s own geysir which you can watch bubble away while having a soak!


Location – The lagoon is situated in the small town, Fludir, which is im the Golden Circle area. Around about 40 minute drive from Selfoss and 1 hour 20 from Reykjavik. You can book tours from Reykjavik which do the secret lagoon while on the golden circle tour. The Secret Lagoon is the perfect spot for seeing the northern lights apparently!

Facilities – The secret Lagoon is tiny compared to the massive blue lagoon complex. They have a small bar and a place to eat some food next to the restaurant, although, they don’t always serve food. They have showers, changing rooms and hair dryers.

Attraction – The Secret Lagoon definitely has that secret vibe! There was roughly about 20 people there when I was there and it was SUPER chilled. They even have floats for people to float around with!

Wonder – Unfortunately, the secret lagoon is not a wonder. However, that doesn’t stop it from being wonderful. If you love nature, hot baths and being super chilled – this is the place to be.

Price – The price is definitely something to be happy about ( in comparison to the Blue Lagoon! ) and was roughly about 20 pound!


Tips for The Secret Lagoon

‘Are we here?’ – From the outside, the secret lagoon could be someones house and if it wasn’t for a hand made sign – we would have backed up and continued looking for it! So get out, have a look around and you’ll find it.

Shampoo Lurvin’ – The Secret Lagoon does not provide hair products so make sure you take your own!

For more information including prices and opening times –



It’s a known fact that the brits are a little coy and that’s including myself!! Both Lagoons ask that you shower without swim wear before heading in. Now yes, the showers are same sex but they are NOT private. Lets just say, I ain’t used to this and I didn’t quite play by the rules BUT we did chat after about how its nice that ladies from other countries are so comfortable with their bodies! Definitely something to work on, personally.

Postcard found in Iceland

Side Note – Weather conditions were particularly different at both lagoons. The sun was shining on the friday at The Blue Lagoon and wet and windy on the sunday at The Secret Lagoon. Different cameras were also used as my poor ‘water proof’ Samsung had had enough by the sunday.

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2 thoughts on “ICELAND :Blue Lagoon vs Secret Lagoon

  1. Hi. If you only have a budget for 1, and to be honest, the Blue Lagoon price is pretty steep! Which one would you pick and worth the money?


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