ICELAND : Is Self – Driving for you?

Iceland is packed full of tours that tourists can go on that see all the top spots but when my friend L ( who can drive ) decided to come to Iceland – I jumped on the chance to rent a car for the trip. Here is what you should think about when self driving Iceland.

Can you drive or have someone willing to do?

I don’t drive – it’s very annoying, you’d think I’d learn – so obviously on my own, I can’t self drive. When my friend L decided to join the trip – it didn’t take me long before I realised this meant we could self drive! When asking a friend if they are happy to drive make sure they really are. Ask, double ask, triple ask if you need to. It’s a lot of driving for one person and can be knackering! They also will have to be a fairly confident driver especially when driving with a non-driver.

Think of your driver guys!

Do you enjoy making your own routes?

For our Iceland trip, I spent A LOT of time researching and planning the route we were going to take. I spent hours doing this However, I enjoy doing this. If you don’t enjoy reading up on where you want to go or finding out the facts of where your going ( Since you won’t have a tour guide ) then maybe you’d be more suited for a tour OR finding someone like myself who did the work for you. Check out my blog post on our itinerary.

20170403_081427 - Copy
lonely house on the Iceland roads

Do you like having your own time?

It’s kinda annoying when you arrive to your next spot at the same time as the tour bus. The hundred odd people flock out and you think ‘hmm how am i going to get this snap?!’ Well with self driving you can wait around ( which is never for long ) and get that perfect picture.


Are you confident while alone?

I think this is something pretty important while self-driving in a new and different country but is really something that ought to be thought about wherever you are. You need to be SAFE which means you need to be confident and trusting your choices. If someone tells you information your not sure about or there is hitch hikers – use your head. Do you think you could say No I’ll go the way I planned if someone was pushing you to go another? Self Driving is also about driving confidently in different weather types and understanding what to do if something was to go wrong.


Do you enjoy getting to stop?

The great thing about Self Driving is getting to stop for perfect pictures or just to enjoy the moment?! I was so thrilled when we saw our first icelandic horses and of course, we stopped to take some pictures of them.


Top Tips

  1. Give your driver rest! If they are struggling, stop for a while and give them a break.
  2. Take a credit card – we had to get a 2nd car on arrival to Iceland as we didn’t have a credit card ( It must be in the drivers name)
  3. Don’t forget about petrol – when budgeting do not forget about petrol and how much you’ll need. Do not let yourself go short either – In Iceland, Petrol stations can be far between.
  4. Have a plan! Make sure you have an idea where your going next – we used Googlemaps to get us there.
  5. Don’t be afraid to go off plan – some of my favorite pictures are from a spot we didn’t even know existed.


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