ICELAND : Waterfall Wanderlust

Iceland is known for it’s many huge and fantastic waterfalls. Iceland definitely did not disappoint. We had our planned ‘stop offs’ but even when driving – you could spot waterfall after waterfall – each better than the last. Mixed with the dramatic waterfall – bad or good – the waterfalls were beyond amazing. At one point, with the high winds we even saw a waterfall going the wrong way – as in upside down.

Today on the blog – I’m finishing the Icelandic series and giving you some Waterfall Wanderlust.  


Gullfoss was our first stop and to be honest, when looking at the photos from home, I kind of thought ‘ yeh looks nice we’ll go but I don’t think it’ll be amazing.’ I was SO wrong, it was beyond beautiful and spectacular.



Oxararfoss is the waterfall at pingvellir park and surprisingly, not that busy with people! Meaning L was able to get the perfect jump shot!

35 - Copy3938


We were super lucky to have the rainbow as a backdrop when we were at Seljanlandfoss! I love that you can get right up behind the waterfall here! Not one to miss…



Gljufrabui was probably my favorite, If I had to choose. You have to climb through a little cave while stepping on stepping stones to get through the river. It’s not the easiest but definitely worth it. Situated walking distance away from Seljanlandfoss.




Skogafoss was our last waterfall and it didn’t disappoint as it thundered down.

17796137_10154566802038284_8970105249590375917_n (1)17759824_10154566772383284_4491268497037751793_n - Copy17799394_10154566802023284_3654322613238683867_n

What’s your favorite waterfall?

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