When I came across photographs of Culross, I knew I had to go there! A Village or former burgh in Fife, Scotland, Culross looks like what you would imagine a Scottish village to look like. Red tiled roofs, white or colored houses, a ruined abbey and beautiful parish church, sea views on one side and country views on the other – I felt that Culross would be an instagrammers dream and it definitely did not disappoint. Join me in wandering through Culross.

I can’t find an actual date when Culross appeared on the maps but the abbey goes back as far as 1217 and a lot of the other buildings around the 15th and 16th century.


Top : Abbey with Parish church Bottom : Palace Gardens

National Trust for Scotland recognised that Culross still had lots of (mainly intact) beautiful, unique, historical buildings and have worked on keeping the village preserved since 1930 keeping the village a little historical bubble – although if you owned a house there it would mean you could be adding the conservatory any time soon…


Wandering around some colored houses with some very small doors

The village is full of small cottages that are either colored or white. The people who live in them now seem to take good care of them and loads of them have beautiful potted plants outside them. It’s almost as if they knew I was coming and looking for insta pics…


Locals keeping good care of their beautiful homes

Not only does the village have beautiful houses but is almost home to the old town house, Culross Palace and The abbey attached to the parish church.


Top : Culross Palace Middle : Town house Bottom : Abbey and church

The village has roughly a population of 395 people and one local had a good chuckle at telling us some of the local gossip and who lived where. Like lots of little villages, there seemed to be lots of unusual chat with one shop keeper telling us that a black panther had been spotted from ‘ a very reliable source ‘.


Top : still amused by tiny doors Bottom : Scones from the abbey cafe

The village has been set to many films and TV series including the little vampire, captain America and Outlander and I’m not surprised with beautiful seaside views yet that Scottish country feel.



Top : cow grazing Middle : View from the abbey Bottom : View from hanging basket garden

Culross even has quirky street names such as ‘Cats Close’ aka my dream street name and beautiful gardens that are free to wander throughout.


Top : Street names Bottom : Palace gardens

Not only is Culross wonderfully beautiful, it also has an interesting seaside with a wooden walkway out to the sea with a railway which you need to cross to get to ( aka my childhood dream – think don’t touch the red button when it comes to railways ) Obviously, take extra caution when crossing the railway.


So should you take a day trip to Culross? Absolutely! I honestly had a fab day wandering around the historical village and everyone I met were super lovely. The village really is like a little historical bubble from the rest of the world. So take a wander around Culross, Scotland – you won’t regret it!

A car with a tax disc older than me….

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  1. these are gorgeous pictures. My mother’s ancestors are from Culross and date back to the 14 – and 1500s. Did you ever see something called a ‘girdle’ or a ‘gridle’ there? One of the mysteries I would love to research someday.


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