Change is Good

Some of you may know, that two years ago I got engaged. What you might not know is that since then, we’ve toyed with many ideas but never really sticking to one.

Finally, We’ve set a date to have an intimate wedding next year in our homeland – Scotland – and for a luxury honeymoon to Mexico ( back to where we got engaged ). The dress is bought, the honeymoon booked, the ceremony venue picked – it’s actually happening!

So you might be asking what’s actually changing?

Wandering in Wanderland is.

My life is changing, my interests changing and most importantly my priorities are changing. Saving up for a wedding and honeymoon in a year is not going to be the easiest challenge I’ve ever had and my wee trips here and there, may take a hit due to it.

However, I didn’t want to give up my blog and I’ve thought long and hard about how I can keep it interesting. So there is going to be changes, I’m not going to solely focus on travel although I will definitely still talk about this often. I’m going to worm my way in to lifestyle blogging as well and talk more about my life and my interests as believe it or not – seeing new places is just a very, very small part of my life.

There might be a little bit of food, a little bit of health, a little bit of wedding planning and a little bit of getting my life and house sorted before becoming a married couple. So just like my ‘about page’ says you really will be reading all about my wanderland.

So here we are, Wandering in Wanderland is changing and change IS good.



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