1 Pair of Shorts, 6 Looks

I’m the kinda gal that unfortunately lives in the same clothes. I admit it, I have a wardrobe full of clothes and I wear the same black jeans or on a nice day – the black jean shorts. So I raked through my wardrobe and challenged myself to create different outfit ideas wearing the same black shorts. So if like me – you have your comfort clothes, this post is for you to spark them up and get you thinking about what’s in your wardrobe.

The Tee Look

Black shorts paired with a bulky belt and your fave T is the perfect go to look for a chilled day out.

T-Shirt : Studio five          Belt : Primark


The tights & shorts look

It’s actually very, very rare that I wear my legs out in Scotland mainly because it’s never warm enough so if your thinking of visiting us, here in Scotland, then pack your tights – it can get a lil chilly!

Denim Jacket : new look         Iron Patch : Pie in the Sky         Tights : M&S


The Hawaiian Shirt look

Heading to the beach? The Hawaiian shirt matched with a bikini top underneath makes it the perfect quirky beach cover up. This look also works well for any festival lovers!

Shirt : Pie in the Sky


The Girly Gal Look

Looking for something a little more pretty? This pink dress from Primark came with an undergarment which didn’t quite do it for me. Matched with the shorts and a black bandeau, I felt it made it a little more edgy and not so much princess.

Dress : Primark


The Vest Look

Pretty Basic but when on holiday, the vest look is my go to. I take multiple different colours of Vest and waah laah – a couple days of exploring clothes.

Vest : H&M


The Festy Look

This look is personally my fave. A See through, sparkley dress from Primark matched with the shorts and a small top from New look to stop it getting too bulky. For The festy look, I matched it with some fish nets and vans. For walking around on a sunny day, I matched it with some black boots.

Dress : Primark             Top : New Look

Black Shorts : New Look

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