Busy Life and Big Waves

Recently, I’ve been a little quiet. My shifts have been a little bit chaotic and at times its hours between my ‘sets’ rather than a couple of days. Something my body is pretty used to and something that I don’t really mind especially during the summer months so everyone can get their summer holidays. HOWEVER, on my days off – I’ve been making sure that I get up even it means that I only have 3 hours sleep and go for a walk!

It’s so easy to make life all about work and forget that you need to get out, get some fresh air and protect your mental health by spending time with loved ones.

Anywho, on one of these walks in my home town (Portobello, Edinburgh ) I was blessed with some freaking fantastic waves! It was a gorgeous day yet the waves were still the size of a double decker once they crashed against the wall. Luckily, I had my camera and wasn’t bothered about getting absolutely soaked which of course happened.

So guys, Moral of the story is – graft at work and get out on days off, the world will repay you and your camera. It’s all about balance you see and hopefully I’ll be back soon with some fab posts!

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When the waves make rainbows

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