Hi, I’m Rhanna – a 25 year old, Scottish gal.  


I’m a fiancee, a cat mumma and a full time nurse. In my days off and holidays, I wander. I wander anywhere and everywhere – if it’s ten minutes down the road or hopping on a flight for a couple of days.

I’ve travelled from the age of 17 when I jetted off to volunteer in Cape Town for a year and ever since, I’ve had itchy feet – the well known travel bug.

I change my hair colour more than one should admit, I love a cocktail, exploring, adventuring and try to be as creative as possible if it’s crocheting or taking a photo or two…

Why I’m blogging?

I want to show you all that you can see the world while building your career and family. I want to share my tips, my travel fails, my photos, my wanderland.


Instagram : wanderinginwanderland

Facebook: www.facebook.com/wanderinginwanderland

Twitter: @rhanna_inwanderland

‘Not all those who wander are lost’

– J.R.R. Tolkien