Hey, I’m Rhanna – a 25 year old, Scottish gal.  


I’m the face behind Wandering in Wanderland which tragically consists of a lot of looking away and looking oh so natural photos.

Apart from taking cheesy photos ( which fyi I love ) – I’m a full time fiancee, nurse and cat mumma.

I’m at the weird age when part of me wants to stay in with a cup of tea, crocheting while watching bad reality TV with Alex ( my fiance ) and Toby ( my cat ) and the other part of me wants to go out, have many cocktails and tell my best friends I love them in the loo when actually my reality is that I’m probably on the nightshift.

Much to my bank balances disgust I enjoy the odd wee trip or two and try to wander as much as I can – if that’s down the road or hopping on a flight to somewhere on the bucket list which by the by is everywhere in the world.

However, I’m about to crack down on the travel as I save up for the big day ( the wedding, not my cats birthday ) So I’ve decided to shift my blog from talking all things travel to just ALL THINGS wanderful. ( get it?! ) Anyway – Good luck to you all, ignore my grammar and enjoy my wanderland





‘Step with care and great tact, and remember that life’s a great balancing act’

– Dr. Seuss